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Juniper 5700 might get rebranded

by on14 October 2010

AMD might pull an "Nvidia"

The same set of slides that were leaked earlier today also show some details regarding AMD's product transition plan and it looks like AMD might pull the same stunt that Nvidia has been doing for years. Renaming, rebranding or whatever do you want to call it, is something that AMD plans to do with its HD 5700 Juniper based cards.

According to the slide, AMD's plan is to introduce the new Barts based cards that will be a direct successor of the Juniper, or to be precise, take the part of the market that belonged to Juniper based cards. Barts will be followed by Cayman-based cards that should show up in late November. Last but not least is the successor of Hemlock, the Antilles based dual-GPU card, which should show up in December.

According to the slide, Juniper based cards are here to stay, at least until the end of the year. AMD might rebrand these to HD 6700 series, considering that all the rumours so far suggest that Barts will be branded as HD 6800 series. Of course, as AMD still isn't officially talking about branding, so take this info with a grain of salt, as these things can easily change.

Some AMD partners that we talked to even suggest that Juniper might get a "minor improvement", but don't expect much as that will still be the same old Juniper GPU. We guess that the improvement might have something to do with outputs/Eyefinity features, but it is still to be confirmed.


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