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Geforce GTX 465 doesn’t sell well

by on15 July 2010

Geforce GTX 460 is a hit
According to multiple sources in the graphics industry, Nvidia's crippled Geforce GTX 465 based on first-generation Fermi GF100 doesn’t actually sell that well.  

A few sources even called the Geforce GTX 465 a broken chip, but the same people are calling the Geforce GTX 460 a great product that has gotten ATI’s attention. We can confirm that ATI does take the GTX 460 seriously and this is why it has decided to cut the price of its Radeon HD 5830 to $199 for a more competitive pricing landscape. 

The really big issue is that with the right clocks, the GF104-based GTX 460 can end up even faster than the original GF100-based GTX 465. This ultimately gives the impression that GTX 465 might become less significant in Nvidia’s sales record than the GTX 460.

At this point, Fermi could be doing better, but at least Nvidia partners can be happy about GF104, the first second-generation Fermi chip. It's more powerful, has better thermals per GPC cluster, and also clocks quite well.
Last modified on 15 July 2010
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