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The GTX 460 1GB to be around €30 more expensive

by on01 July 2010

Than the GTX 460 768MB

As you probably already know, Nvidia's upcoming GF104 chip will show up on two cards - the GTX 460 768MB and GTX 460 1024MB. And although these two sound like pretty much the same cards, there are more differences than just the amount of memory.

Both cards are based on the same GF104 chip and feature 336 stream processors. They will feature identical GPU and memory clocks - 675MHz GPU and 900MHz memory. The actual difference is in the amount of memory and the memory interface, so while the GTX 460 will have a 192-bit memory interface, the GTX 460 1GB will come with a 256-bit one. This equates to roughly 25 percent higher memory bandwidth. The estimated TDP is 150W for the GTX 460 768MB and 160W for the 1GB version.

According to what we are hearing now, the GTX 460 768MB will go for €189-199, while the 1GB version might end up at around €230. Of course, we are still talking about estimates as the price is something that can be easily changed at a later date.

The cards are still scheduled to launch on 12th of July.

Last modified on 01 July 2010
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