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Asus ARES HD 5970 coming to Europe

by on04 June 2010


Costs more than Greece

Asus is getting ready to roll out the ARES HD 5970, an overclocked Hemlock card with 4GB of memory. The outfit originally showed off the card at Cebit, and now it made its second appearance at Computex.

It can be described as a dual HD 5870 card, as it operates on 850MHz, unlike stock HD 5970 boards that run at 725MHz, the same clock found on the HD 5850. The card packs 4GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 1200MHz (4800MHz effective).

Of course, Asus had to make quite a few modifications to the reference design to squeeze out the extra clocks and keep the heat at bay. The card features two 8-pin power connectors, as well as a 6-pin for good measure. However, unlike most overclocked cards, it only has one 100mm fan, coupled with a massive copper heatsink.

However, there is a catch, a four-figure catch to be exact. List prices start at €1199, which sounds like quite a lot, and it is quite a lot actually. For comparison, Sapphire's HD 5970 Toxic, clocked at 900MHz, costs just north of €1,000, which is still far from affordable. Reference HD 5970 cards will set you back between €500 and €550, while a GTX 480 can be yours for about €475. It's quite obvious you're much better off getting two of these babies and sticking them in Crossfire or SLI, if you have mammoth PSU that can power a steel mill.

You can check out the listings here and you might even pre-order it if you've got more money than good sense.
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