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AMD Fusion chip still in hiding

by on03 June 2010


Fusion still an illusion

AMD's most misused word in the history of the company, Fusion, still has many questions to answer. Mr. Rick Bergman, AMD's VP and the spiritual leader of ATI’s part of AMD has shown off what seems to be a Fusion packed wafer and Alien vs Predator in DirectX 11 playback. At this time, we are not aware that anyone has seen this chip or the actual system in action.

It seems it will be a while before we can see actual products or samples. AMD is a serious company and they should have have some samples for later this year, but it looks like most systems will only ship in the first half of 2011.

The competition has Sandy Bridge, its version of 32nm CPU and GPU. AMD’s Fusion should be a 40nm chip which looks like a disadvantage to us, especially considering the mid-2011 launch date. There are still many things to be revealed, but AMD’s Fusion has a chance to show 6 years after it was first time mentioned and the company can only hope that its Fusion chip is going to be a success.

We will be looking into this matter and try to find out a bit more.

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