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Nvidia prepares dual chip card

by on03 June 2010


Based on new GF104

Our Far East sources are telling us that a dual-chip card from Nvidia is coming. It is based on GF104, Nvidia’s new chip. This is a successor of Fermi that should get lower TDPs and better performance per watt.

The dual-chip card is supposed to finally take over the performance crown from ATI, and this is something that Nvidia desperately wants and needs. It’s always good to win and have the fastest card on the market.

The new chip is called GF104 and it is the same one that should land in Geforce GTX 460 cards. It has a lower TDP than Fermi and it can hit higher clocks with the similar TDPs of Fermi. This should be the cash cow chip for Nvidia as it was referring to it as the new G92, 8800GT chip.

We are not aware of any new dual chip based card from ATI at this time, but they should be working on the next generation products, reportedly based on 40nm process.

On another note, Galaxy showed off a dual GTX 470 card at Computex. This is not the card we are talking about and it is highly unlikely that we will see dual GTX 470 cards in retail.

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