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Fermi has lower thermals in a good chassis

by on02 April 2010


Proven and tested 

We spent some time with Nvidia talking about Fermi and the US based company wanted to make a point on many allegations that the card runs too hot.

Nvidia has proven in a video that if you place a Geforce GTX 480 in a proper case such as Cooler Master Cosmos, you should be getting quite good thermal results.

The key point that Nvidia proved with a video that you can see at here is that the card is not that noisy and that temperature are in very normal values, as long as the card is not outside of the case. The card runs at 52 decibel but in Unigine Heaven at 2560x1600 the card runs over 63 decibels and it's much noisier.

The same card has 97 Celsius at FurMark 1.6.5 at 2560 × 1600 in Cosmos S case while in much cheaper Cooler Master Centurion 534 the same card gets all the way to 105 Celsius.

This is still quite hot and hotter than Radeon HD 5870 in any case, but it proves the point that a good case, or any case, will make things look much better than testing the card on table testbed.

We should be able to check these claims in our own environment early next week and until then, you can watch the video here.

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