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Not a single etail Radeon HD 5970 to be found

by on18 November 2009


Update 3: A few in EU, Sapphire on Newegg

We did
our usual store checking and price listing routine looking for availability of the new performance king of the hill, AMD's Radeon HD 5970, and we regret to inform our readers that we have found no product available for sale in both EU and American markets respectively.

If you happen to have sighted an etailer who is not offering preorders or backlisting, please feel free to email us. If you happen to have purchased one, please let us know as we and many journalists have failed to prove that retail cards actually exist, except in the world of review units and benchmarking. is the leading price search engine in the EU, and the famous US etail store. Unfortunately, neither of them have a single listing of the Radeon HD 5970. AMD partners did confirm that the supply of any 5xx0 cards will remain stiff, so we are not surprised that buying a Radeon HD 5970 won't be an easy task.

Readers across Europe have confirmed many listings, but at press time not a single card is available. A few shops like had some cards, but sold them immediately. still has Sapphire HD 5970 OC available and it can be purchased here. At least it was made available at press time, but sells for a saucy €619.

Update 2:
Newegg just listed two Radeon HD 5970 cards from Powercolor and HIS, but they are on “Auto-Notify” and out of stock. The cards will retail for $624.99 each and can be found here.

Update 3:
Newegg just listed the Sapphire 102280OCSR Radeon HD 5970 on its site at around 4:00pm PST. As of now, this is the only card for sale in the US. It can be found here.


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