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Radeon HD 5700 series launched and shipping

by on13 October 2009


Another grim day for Nvidia

Today is
AMD's HD 5700 series launch day, and as you may expect, we will post some reviews shortly. Reviewers all over the interweb are praising the new Juniper cards, and they seem to be quite competitive compared to AMD's and Nvidia's DX10 (.1) cards.

The HD 5750 will ship in 512MB and 1024MB flavours and at about €115 it will be just marginally pricier than the HD 4870. The 5770should cost just over €130, much like the HD 4890.

Although the new 40nm Junipers have more transistors than the RV770, just over 1.04 billion, they are somewhat limited in terms of memory bandwidth due to the 128-bit bus. Still, in terms of performance they match or exceed RV770 products, as well as similarly priced Nvidias.

We are expecting RV770 products to EOL soon, but you'll probably be able to pick them up in retail in the weeks and months to come. The same goes for Nvidia's GTX 260, although it should disappear from store shelves a bit faster.

AMD did a nice job with the HD 5700 series. Thanks to the 40nm process and the use of a 128-bit bus, they are competitively priced. AMD probably has a bit of room to further slash prices once Nvidia starts shipping competitive parts, but that won't happen for months.

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