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Next generation Nvidia 40nm chip yields are fine

by on25 September 2009


Senior manager confirmed

After a lot of rumours about bad yields with GT300, Nvidia has decided to talk to us and give us a simple quote about the state of its next generation 40nm product line.

Senior manager from Nvidia has told Fudzilla that “Our (Nvidia’s) 40nm yields are fine. The rumors you are hearing are baseless.”

This comes after some stories that GT300 yields are really bad and that next generation Nvidia is in really bad shape. According to AMD’s competitive analysis team, only nine chips should work per wafer, but they got this number due to a bad translation and we can definitely dismiss this number as completely inaccurate information.

As we've said before, the chip we call GT300 is a completely new design and it simply could not come out earlier. Nvidia certainly doesn’t like the fact that ATI is first with new technology again, but it comforts them that they can make its DirectX 11 faster. 

You can expect a lot of architectural changes - the chip is completely redesigned and much faster than the GT200 generation. We would not be surprised if Nvidia starts talking about the chip ahead of official announcement as it currently hurts from positive Radeon 5870 reviews around the globe.

Last modified on 25 September 2009
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