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Another CUDA video editing app launches

by on10 April 2009


LoiLoScope joins a growing group of applications

Japanese LoiLo Inc has joined the so far small group of companies making video applications that take advantage of Nvidia's CUDA and GPGPU processing which helps speed up the whole process of rendering video, especially in the case of HD content.

We'd never heard of LoiLo Inc prior to this announcement, but we quickly downloaded the preview version called LoiLoScope Mars which allows you to check out most of the features of what Super LoiLoScope has to offer.

The user interface is very different from what we've come to expect from video editing software, but it only takes a couple of minutes to get used to. You simply drop all the files you want to use, alongside any of the fairly basic text or graphics effects on the desktop of the application. It's easy to zoom in and out here and the CUDA acceleration really seems to help here. You can also add a few effects in real time to your videos at this stage. Once you've got all the content sorted out, you simply drag the files over to the time line editor and put everything in the order you want it to come out.

The free version doesn't support HD output, but it will upload your content directly to YouTube for you. There are also presets for exporting your video to a wide range of devices such iPhone, iPod, phones, PSP, PS3, DVD etc. If you just want to save your work on your computer, then you can chose to do so in AVI, MOV, WMV and MPEG-4, although only MPEG-4 supports CUDA acceleration at the moment.

LoiLo claims that when you're editing AVCHD content in 1080p the performance boost using CUDA is as much as 10 times compared to just using the CPU for rendering the video. However, Super LoiLoScope lacks many of the more advanced features most people would want for their video editing application these days and it's really more of a "fun" application that something that could be used for serious video editing. However, at US$69 (€52/£47) it's not terribly expensive and if you don't have very high requirements with regards to what you can do with your home videos, but rather want a simple, easy to use application, then it might be for you.

You can find more details here, as well as download the free LoiLoScope Mars version here
Last modified on 10 April 2009
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