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Dual GT260 is Geforce GTX295

by on15 December 2008


Faster than 4870 X2

We can
confirm that dual GT200 55nm, a chip that many call GT200b, will be branded as Geforce GTX 295. The new card will definitely outrun AMD's Radeon HD 4870 X2 and it will finally return the performance crown back to Nvidia.

The board is a sandwich design, with two PCBs with two chips. We heard that the card comes with one 6-pin and one 8-pin connector, but still have to confirm this.

On a high-end, Intel-based machine you can score over 20,000 points in 3Dmark vantage, which is a new record and is dramatically faster than any other card before. In this particular test it is at least 1.7 times faster than a single card, but it won’t be the case in most of the games. The dual card will be faster than single in many games but not by such a dramatic margin.

You will need at least 1920x1200 with all on to see the performance; but the biggest performance gains are enjoyed on 2560x1600 30-inch screens. The first official scores will be out later this week, while the official launch is CES 2009, early January.  

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