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Corsair unveils its One systems
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Friday, 24 March 2017 12:39

Corsair unveils its One systems

Couple of different models

Following its earlier push in the PC system market with Bulldog barebone, Corsair has now unveiled its fully-assembled PC system called the One.

MSI shows off new Trident VR-ready system
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Tuesday, 15 November 2016 20:13

MSI shows off new Trident VR-ready system

Calls it the smallest VR-ready gaming PC

With virtual reality gaining traction with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets and with system requirements getting lower, MSI has decided that it is the right time to come up with a small and portable gaming system that is also VR-Ready, the MSI Trident.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012 09:06

System update 4.3 headed to PS3

ps3 slim

Will end Folding@home support

Wednesday, 08 August 2012 10:44

Amazon defeats the dodgy postman

Amazon Logo

Creates its own delivery system

Saturday, 10 March 2012 09:39

Diablo III to launch without PvP


Will be added via update

Monday, 07 November 2011 11:54

US patent system is broken


Google states the obvious

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 10:14

Kinect setup has some requirements


Need to be 6 to 8 feet from the sensor