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Four ways NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR Improves your PC gaming experience

by on05 August 2018

G-Sync HDR 

HDR—or High Dynamic Range—enhances imagery in PC games by boosting the most important factors as perceived by the human eye: color, brightness, and contrast.

The impact HDR has can’t be overstated; with it, natural scenes look almost identical to those in real-life. Think of an inspiring vista such as the sun slowly setting behind a sparkling ocean, with the rays shining bright off the water—the daylight gradually fading away until nothing’s left but sheer, utter darkness. Imagine midday sunbeams beating down onto stark, snow-covered fields, with the reflected light so intense it’s almost blinding to behold. These are just a few examples of the power HDR commands.

NVIDIA is at the vanguard of this breakthrough technology, working with partners to incorporate G-SYNC HDR into next-gen monitors for gamers everywhere. On that note, you can now purchase 27-inch G-SYNC HDR displays from ASUS and Acer, complete with 144Hz refresh rates and luxurious 4K resolutions.

Read on below to discover exactly what NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR is made of, and how it’ll launch your PC gaming experience to awesome new heights.

Real Life Imagery and Colors

With bold, saturated colors, 1,000 nits peak brightness, unprecedented contrast, and 4K resolution, you’ll witness images with convincing authenticity. Light sources are powerful and complex, transitions between bright areas and darker areas are smooth and seamless, nights are rendered as black as coal, and colorful scenes, such as flower-dotted fields or autumn foliage, appear vibrant and rich—just like actual, true-to-life landscapes (thanks also to a massive gamut of available colors, similar to the DCI-P3 cinema standard).


G-SYNC Performance

NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology revolutionized monitors worldwide when it first released. It eliminated screen tearing, reduced stuttering, boosted refresh rates, and knocked input latency down to miniscule levels. With G-SYNC and HDR combined, you have the best of both worlds, including G-SYNC’s variable overdrive, which predicts upcoming frames and then tweaks LCD parameters on-the-fly to eliminate ghosting artifacts. That all translates into NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR offering superior image quality and incredible performance, with refresh rates at 120Hz, and refresh rate overclocks of up to 144Hz.

Designed for Hardcore PC Gamers

PC gamers expect the best when it comes to their gear. That’s why all G-SYNC HDR panels undergo a rigid, expansive certification process by NVIDIA to ensure quality and reliability, in such areas as refresh rates, flicker, color, and general performance. With NVIDIA’s seal of approval, you can take comfort in knowing that your monitor is battle-tested, and ready for action. Furthermore, all G-SYNC HDR screens support HDR10: the HDR format for PC gaming. With ongoing developer partnerships, the list of G-SYNC HDR games has grown more and more over time, with support for titles both new and previously released, including Destiny 2, Final Fantasy XV, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Paragon, Middle-earth: Shadow of War, and many others.


Advanced Technology

NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR panels utilize the latest tech for a cutting-edge design. Manufactured from the ground up in conjunction with AU Optronics, these displays have 384-zone backlights and a Quantum Dot Enhancement Film (QDEF). With the 384 individually controllable LED zones, light is only shown in the required precise areas, and only when needed—key components in making the bright colors natural and intricate, and the blacks deep, dark, and strong. The applied QDEF layer—constructed from incredibly small nano-dots that emit specific colors—strengthens the reds, greens, and blues, which unlocks a dizzying color array to help produce lifelike imagery.

G-SYNC HDR is the ultimate tech for PC gaming panels, providing the definitive visual experience with true-to-life colors, brightness, and contrast. Plus, every G-SYNC HDR monitor comes with low input lag, zero screen tearing, high refresh rates and variable overdrive, making them the perfect combination of performance and beauty. Go here for more on G-SYNC HDR displays.

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