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HTC Vive ships 72 hours after order

by on08 June 2016

Beating Oculus in shipping game

HTC has claimed that all Vive VR headsets ordered will ship within 72 hours from the time of order. This is a huge improvement considering that you have to wait weeks if not months to get the Vive delivered.  

However, if you are based in Europe, HTC will charge  €899+ €53.93 shipping getting close to €1000. This makes it a rather expensive toy.

Another issue with HTC Vive is that you need to have room as playing with it requires a lot of space. Most Europeans don’t have a spare room to play games.

US customers have to pay $814.60 for the Vive kit with two day shipping + applicable taxes that average under 10 percent. A customer from San Jose California will end up paying 8.75 percent tax or $885.87 for the kit. Still not cheap. 

The biggest problem remains the lack of content. It is a nice toy, you will definitely have fun playing with it, but it is still the lack of games that mean you leave the kit in the corner.

This is an early stage of the attached Virtual reality. Things are going to get better and are heading in the right direction. With time, the prices will drop or there will be at least two different classes of products, one more expensive high end and at least one more affordable mainstream solution.

All eyes are now at Sony as it is expected to do a bit more with its PlayStation VR and update its console with a bit faster hardware.

Last modified on 08 June 2016
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