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The Crew finally gets patched

by on10 February 2015

Said that it will include a fix for the stats bug

The bug in The Crew that would allow servers to randomly erase player stats is said to be fixed in this patch pack.

The patch for The Crew that is due later this week will fix the stats issue once and for all, but those missing stats from previous games will NOT have them restored.

This is the first major patch to address issues with the game since it was released. The patch will also include new content in the form of a new PvP mode. The new PvP mode is an elimination race that includes 10 new tracks. Also four new faction missions will be part of the patch as well.

The patch includes a laundry list of other fixes for the game. We are not sure how much this is going to impact the game for those that have it or those that are considering buying, but it could not be any worse off than it was at launch.

Last modified on 11 February 2015
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