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Hardline Beta is live on about everything

by on03 February 2015

It finally here and old school Battlefield its not

The beta for Battlefield Hardline has finally arrived. It is an open beta and your chance to kick the tires prior to the release of Hardline in March.

You can play the beta on everything, including the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. (The only thing you can't play it on is the Wii U and a version was never planned for that console.)

In our short time looking at the Hardline beta it is good to see that Viscereal took the comments from the Alpha to heart and has crafted the fastest Battlefield ever. It looks good and plays good. In some ways it still feels like a Battlefield game and in other ways it does not.

The short five day run for the beta is perhaps the most disappointing. For those that have jobs it is going to be hard to get in all of the Hardline play possible before the beta ends.


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