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Rumored start of Hardline beta is the 3rd

by on26 January 2015

That is the info making the rounds right now

Whispers over the weekend have revealed that it would seem very likely that the Battlefield Hardline Beta will start on February 3rd according to an Email that was leaked.

The timing seems right given the recent Hardline updates. Speaking of updates we should know if it is correct Wednesday when This Season on Hardline airs.

The Beta for Battlefield Hardline is quite a big deal for both publisher Electronic Arts and developer Viscreal Games. With the delays and retooling of the project, EA has a lot riding on trying to establish Hardline as an additional Battlefield franchise from which to develop from. This beta should give EA and Viscreal if the retooled Hardline based on feedback from the Alpha testers is the game that people actually want to play.

The beta this time around will be coming to Xbox which was different from the alpha which was restricted to PlayStation and PC. Early previews and screenshots seem to show quite a different game and play from what we first saw. Still it does seem to have quite a bit to keep players engaged. We will see.

Last modified on 27 January 2015
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