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Drag Pack DLC comes to GRID: Autosports

by on16 October 2014

Another DLC pack just focused on drag racing

Codemasters has dropped another DLC pack for GRID: Autosports. This new DLC pack or the Drag Pack, focuses on nothing but drag racing. So it is not just a clever name for the DLC.

So another $5 DLC for Autosports has been released in a game that seems like the developer has been giving it to us a piece at a time. The Drag Pack however comes with the Drag Racing mode obviously, with three custom Drag Racing Strips. One each at Hockenheim, Autosport Raceway, and Detroit. Each of the drag ways are up to 1 mile in length. Included are nine new Championship modes with a single multiplayer mode.

Of course what fun would be drag racing without some drag racing cars. Included are three new specific drag racing cars with one Hot Rod, and two Funny Cars. No Top Fuel Dragsters are included, but the three included cars can be customized and tuned.

It is interesting that despite the anger of those who purchased GRID: Autosports about the cost of all of the additional DLC, it is at least good that Codemasters has been able to string so much of the DLC together and continued to release DLC for a game that has been out awhile.

Like many we are just waiting till Codemasters finished releasing all of the DLC so that they will either offer a Game Of The Year Edition that includes all of the DLC or better yet they just offer a deal on the complete DLC bundle for Autosports. When they do we will be one of the first in line to buy it.

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