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Battlefield Hardline gets October release

by on09 June 2014

2.5 year development cycle for this game

When we say that the reaction of Battlefield fans to the announcement of Battlefield Hardline has been mixed, this could perhaps be the understatement of the year. It seems many are skeptical of Hardline and what Visceral has created with this new Battlefield IP. It would seem that a Visceral has a lot to prove with Hardline to get players really excited about this new title.

Visceral looks to be up to the challenge! We have only now learned that the game we now know as Hardline has been in development for over two and a half years. The development on Battlefield Hardline started about a year before Dead Space 3 shipped. This suggested that the game started development around early 2012 with a core team and later the bulk of the rest of the team came over to the project.

Battlefield Hardline is coming to Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on October 21st in North America followed by a its release in Europe on October 24th. We will have to see more of the game at E3 before we can say for sure how well with think this title will be received, but so far we do think that Battlefield fans should give it a chance as it does look like much of the game play does appear to be quite interesting and we will have to see if the game plays as well as it looks from what we have seen so far.

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