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Grand Theft Auto taught kid to save lives

by on22 May 2014

Not what the anti-violent games lobby would have us believe

Grand Theft Auto has always been in hot water as the anti-volience in games lobby try to pin every atrocity on it from school shootings to Justin Bieber. However it turns out that the game did managed to teach an 11 year old Irish kid a thing or two which saved his grandfather’s life.

Charley Cullen said that his father was picking him up from Rathkenny Hall and were about 500 yards away from Slane Castle and the car pulled into the ditch.

“I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because it was on April Fool’s day. But when my granddad dropped his head and took his hands off the wheel I knew it was no joke then. I grabbed the wheel and pulled it back out onto the road.”

Despite Cullen taking control of the wheel, his grandfather still had his foot on the accelerator which meant that the car was actually speeding up, rather than slowing down. So the boy steered the car into the gates of a building, which led to the car coming to a stop. After which he managed to wake up his grandfather and helped him home by carrying him some 50 yards back to his house.

Both the grandfather and the grandson suffered from some injuries, with Cullen walking away with a fractured skull. The grandfather doesn’t know why he blacked out and has since stated that it was a miracle that both of them managed to walk away alive.

Apparently Cullen got all that from playing GTA where often the best way to slow down is to steer yourself into a building.

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