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Titanfall Update 3 arrives

by on13 May 2014

Only for Xbox One and PC

The third Titanfall Update has arrived from Respawn for the Xbox One and PC ahead of the release of the first DLC package. While the Xbox 360 will get the same updates, as we told you yesterday, these updates are trailing behind the releases on the Xbox One and PC versions of Titanfall. The good news for Xbox 360 Titanfall players is that they are coming.

Update 3 includes a number of changes and enhancements, but the big new gains here are the greater flexibility and customization of loadouts and the tweaks that have been made to private matches. Players will now have the ability to give loadouts actual names, which should make finding the correct loadout much easier.

The tweaks that have been made to private matches now include a new set of private match settings. This set of options that have been added to the private matches is still in beta, but it will allow the adjustment of things like score and time limits for example. You can also adjust the AI and turn the map off as well as a number of other option adjustments.

The game summary page has received an overhaul and those that like stats will enjoy the new added info. One interesting new feature is the ability to look at stats related to specific maps and game modes which is something that can show you some interesting data depending on how you play. A new marker system has also been added to allow you better see when challenges are available or will become available to you.

Respawn has also made some tweaks that are specific by platform that include some fixes, tweaks, and game balance changes. You can review the complete list of changes in the patch notes by following the link below.

See the full patch notes for Titanfall Update 3 here.


Last modified on 13 May 2014
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