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Titanfall Expedition DLC will be late on 360

by on12 May 2014

Xbox One and PC players to get it in May

Respawn has confirmed that the upcoming Expedition DLC for Titanfall is going to be late getting to the Xbox 360. Xbox One and PC Titanfall players will get it in May as scheduled.

The reason for the delay in releasing the Expedition DLC on the Xbox 360 is much the same reason that the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall experienced a delayed release from the Xbox One and PC versions in the first place. Xbox 360 developer Bluepoint is working on getting the changes done that were included in the Content Update 2.

Content Update 2 was broken into two parts on the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall. The update to the Gooser challenge has already went live, while Bluepoint is working on finishing up things to get the rest of the changes ready for release soon. Bluepoint also continues to optimize and tweak the 360 version of Titanfall to continue to improve it.

The Expedition DLC will include three brand new maps which are called Runoff, Swamplands and Wargames. It is the first of three DLC packages that are scheduled for Titanfall and are included with the Titanfall Season Pass.

A free update is also expected in the near future that will add some additional game modes as well as perhaps some other goodies is slated to also arrive in the near future. With the delay till June of the 360 version of the Expedition DLC, Xbox One and PC players will still see the Expedition DLC arrive in May. Respawn is working with Bluepoint to narrow the release gap between the Xbox One/PC version of the game and the Xbox 360 version so that DLC and update releases are closer in sync and this is expected to improve as time goes on.

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