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Dig unearths Atari evidence in landfill

by on28 April 2014

Cartridges and hardware have been found

It is looking like the legend that Atari dumped thousands and thousands of cartridges in a New Mexico landfill have turned out to be accurate. The film being made about the dig has already produced pictures of film director Zak Penn holding an E.T. Cartridge online.

According to what has been learned via online postings and such, the dig has already found cartridges such as E.T., Centipede, Missile Command, and part of an Atari Joystick. In addition other evidence such as shipping boxes and packaging have also been found.

While some have suggested that the entire dig has been faked since Microsoft became involved in the project, we will have to wait till we see the finished documentary before we pass final judgment, but right now it looks pretty solid to us.

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