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Diablo III for Xbox One?

by on16 January 2014

Rumors again suggest that it will happen

Despite the fact that Blizzard has still yet to confirm a Xbox One release for Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion is coming soon, it is no wonder that Xbox One owners want the same game that the PlayStation 4 is already confirmed to be getting. Blizzard is clinging to the company line that they still don’t have any new platforms to announce, but they would like to put the game in the hands of many people as possible.

A number of retailers are listing Diablo III as coming from the Xbox One. Still with no one confirming it and no one denying it, who can say what the truth is at this time. We have pinged some of out independent video game retailing friends who tell us that they have not heard of a release of Diablo III for the Xbox One yet, but it would not surprise them if it happens.

Our outlook is much the same, but it is hard to say when it might be released, but for sure it would be a welcomed addition to the Xbox One lineup. Still we would not get too excited just yet because Blizzard being Blizzard we know that nothing is for sure till they say it is for sure.

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