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Microtransactions in Forza 5 were no Microsoft idea

by on13 December 2013

Greenawalt says it will fix the Forza 5 economy

It was not Microsoft who mandated or suggested the microtransaction economy that is found in the latest Forza. Dan Greenawalt who is the creative director for Turn 10 Studios who is the developer of Forza 5 says that it is something that they came up with at Turn 10 and experimented more with in Forza Horizon before developing the economy that you see today in Forza 5.

According to Greenawalt, he claims that the microtransactions represent and “accelerator” not a “pay wall”, but he acknowledged that fans have not responded well and the developer admits that they will fix the economy in Forza 5 and in the hopes to win back the fan’s trust.

Turn 10 experiments with a lot of things and when the studio has gotten wrong they have always responded and fixed it. Being a big Forza fan myself, I have no reasons to think that they will not respond to the complaints and fix what needs fixing.

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