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First Forza 5 car pack revealed

by on06 November 2013

LaFerrari Car Pack arrives on launch day

Turn 10 Studios announced the first Car Pack for the upcoming release of Forza 5 on the Xbox One. The first Car Pack which is to be called the LaFerrari Car Pack will arrive for purchase and download launch day alongside the game itself on November 22nd.

The big news about the LaFerrari Car Pack is the news that it will be the first time that players will be able to drive Ferrari’s new hypercar which will be one of the fastest in the world. The incredibly rare hypercar will be one car to be included in the package which will include an additional nine other cars. Details of the cars to be included will be coming on November 18th.

While players will be able to purchase cars on an a la carte basis, Microsoft is offer a season pass that will save you 18% if you want access to all six car packs. The plan is for the first car packs to be released once a month during the first week of every month, starting in January of 2014. We suspect that since Microsoft says the Car Packs will be ending in March 2014, which leaves us wondering why things don’t add up. Look for Turn 10 or Microsoft to clear up the release schedule in the next couple of days.

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