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Sony hears the roar of fans

by on29 May 2013

The #PS4NoDRM campaign a success

Sony executives have taken the time to let fans know that the #PS4NoDRM campaign that has been blowing up Twitter is making a difference. Sony employees has acknowledged the campaign, but had no comment on what the company’s position on DRM for the PlayStation 4 would be.

The passion shown by fans over the recent announcements from Microsoft that would make things difficult at best to sell used games on the Xbox One has caused PlayStation fans to rally around Sony to make sure that things do not go this way on the PlayStation 4.

Using the hash tags #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES, fans have been taking to Twitter to speak their minds on the topic; and it has resulted in an avalanche of Tweets. Not all of these have been directed at Sony executives. Many are being sent to Microsoft employees like Major Nelson, who besides being the Xbox evangelist, has now become a target for Xbox fans to Tweet their disapproval of Microsoft’s proposed move to a new DRM strategy with the Xbox One.

For sure, the news from Microsoft has hurt the company’s announcement of the Xbox One, and honestly, after seeing the amount of backlash and disapproval from fans, it is going to take a lot of very good exclusive titles for Microsoft to even have a hope of recovery and not being owned by Sony; that is if they announce they are keeping things the way they are on the PlayStation 3 and with the PlayStation 4 where DRM is concerned.

The next battleground will be E3, and look for both companies to clarify their positions on DRM for their respective new systems.

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