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No plans for Halo 3 on PC

by on19 March 2013

New round of rumors being quashed

It seems that the rumor of Halo 3 coming to Windows PC is once again making the rounds. This fresh speculation started because of some interesting discoveries in AMD’s latest drivers; and we will leave it at that.

Once again, Microsoft has come out with a statement saying that they have no intention of releasing any Halo titles on Steam, and they currently have no plans for a version of Halo 3 for the PC. Of course, we have seen Microsoft do this in the past and then later on deliver the goods they earlier denied.

While we can’t really think of a good reason why this rumor keeps making the rounds, we also can’t help but think that where there is smoke there is fire. Still, if it is as Microsoft says, then all we can say is this is strange, very strange. Could it be that it isn’t actually for the Windows PC, but the new Xbox Next, which uses the AMD processor?

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