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Is Amazon angling for an OUYA exclusive?

by on09 January 2013

With all of the other challengers it might be right

Sources tell us that Amazon is talking with the powers that be at OUYA about making the console an Amazon exclusive. While we know that the plan is for a second Kickstarter offering to upgrade the unit and add more abilities, the reality is that with all of the other challengers being announced from a variety of sources, it just might be the way for Amazon to get a solid foothold into the video game space that is primarily focused on electronic software distribution.

No one seems to know all of the details yet, but an Amazon exclusive deal would solve a lot of problems for OUYA and give it solid backing and an attractive distribution channel. As Amazon has shown with the Kindle, it can sell electronics, and OUYA could be a perfect fit.

Look for the news to pick up if this deal is going to happen. We think that if it is going to happen, it will happen soon, and Amazon will push hard to quickly establish itself as the leader in this micro-console space. One advantage the OUYA does seem to have for the moment is that it looks like it will arrive to market before some of the more recently announced rivals.

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