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PC players want GTA 5 for PC

by on28 November 2012


Petition collects 75,000 signatures

While Rockstar has not committed one way or the other if their upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto 5 will or not be released on the PC, PC fans are taking no chances. PC gamers supporting the release of GTA 5 have taken to collecting online signatures to show Rockstar their support for a PC version. So far, the group has been able to collect over 75,000 signatures of support for a PC version.

The plan is to reach its target of 100,000+ signatures and then they hope to approach Rockstar to show them how much support a PC release already has. Rockstar has offered a number of their Grand Theft Auto titles on the PC, and the developer has not closed the door on the possibility of the game being released for additional platforms beyond the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

While Rockstar boss Dan Houser has apparently acknowledged that he is aware of the petition, beyond suggesting that he is watching it he would only confirm that no decision has been made whether they are considering other platforms for potential release.

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