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Users are bricking their own Wii U consoles

by on20 November 2012

Wii U

Firmware update is too slow, so users turn it off

When we told you about the day one update for the Wii U we suspected that based on our experience, seeing the console update and the slow pace and lack of feedback during the process, we would start hearing of users bricking their brand new Wii U consoles. It didn’t take long, as scores of reports are coming in from those that got tired of waiting or thought that the console had locked up and simply unplugged it or turned it off. The result is a bricked Wii U, which translates into dead Wii U and no fun.

Our sources are telling us that based on the calculations they have done during the update process the update is 5GB or more in size. Depending on the server capacity at the time and the speed of your Internet connection, downloads taking 1 to 1 ½ hours seem to be the norm. Nintendo is said to be doing everything it can to push the update down to users as fast as possible.

Still, users are being left with bricked Wii U consoles and no hope of an exchange due to the fact the point of purchase simply has no more units to offer. In addition, we have heard that the limited storage on the 8GB model is causing some problems, as well.

The smart thing to do with your new Wii U is to be patient and expect the update process to take 2 hours. Don’t plan on using your console until the update is completed. Go to dinner or watch a movie; but whatever you do, don’t turn the console off or reset it while it is downloading and installing this update.

Nintendo is said to already be looking at ways to better document the process on the screen and provide better update information so that users don’t think their console has died or locked up. In our opinion, it can’t come soon enough.

Last modified on 20 November 2012
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