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Halo has sold 46 million copies worldwide

by on01 November 2012

Microsoft Studios

Fans have bought more than their share

How many copies of Halo games do you own? If you take a look around, the numbers might actually surprise you. From its first release of Halo Combat Evolved for the original Xbox to the upcoming release of Halo 4 on the Xbox 360, the numbers you own might actually surprise you.

Microsoft is getting ready to release the latest entry in the Halo franchise known as Halo 4 and has paused to reflect on this; and what a better way to do it than with numbers. In this case, the number is 46. 46 million is the number of Halo copies of the different games in the franchise sold worldwide. The 46 million translate into almost $3 billion (with a “B”) in sales dollars.

When Halo: Reach was released, developer Bungee raked in over $200 million in sales in the US and Europe within the first 24 hours, and word is that Microsoft is expecting Halo 4 to do even better.

Let us leave you with one more fun fact. Halo has seen more than five billion hours of game play that have been logged on Xbox Live. Those are some impressive numbers, and Microsoft is expecting Halo 4 to start breaking records when it arrives early next month.

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