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Nintendo has big sales targets for Wii U

by on25 October 2012

Wii U

Wants to move 5.5 million units before March 31st

For the first time in Nintendo history the company has announced sales targets for the Wii U and the software to accompany the new console. The targets are “ambitious,” to say the least.

The company wants to sell 5.5 million Wii consoles and 24 million software titles before March 31st. The numbers are big, but sources tell us that the company believes (based on the initial pre-ordering of the console) the numbers are within reason if they can produce enough consoles and get them into the pipeline quickly enough.

The logistics of building the console and keeping dealer shelves full will be the challenge, according to an analyst that we spoke with. “It is possible for Nintendo to meet those targets and maybe even exceed them, but they have to get the consoles into dealer hands.”

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