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iOS to get a taste of Borderlands

by on23 October 2012


Borderland Legends to arrive later this month

Gearbox will be taking the Borderland franchise in a new direction, with news that the company is planning to release Borderland Legends later this month. The release is part of the new digital direction that the company is tapping into with this iOS release.

Borderland Legends will be a Borderlands on-the-go title that will star the original Borderlands heroes; the game will offer thousands of weapons to collect, as well as enemies to kill for cash. Of course, you will be able to earn experience points and level up to unlock new and even more powerful abilities.

The iOS version for iPhone and iPad will also feature randomized missions, as well as an included strategic cover system. The game is set to arrive in October, but Gearbox has yet to announce the launch date.  We suspect that it will be near the end of the month, and might even slip into first week of November, according to some sources.

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