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Latest OUYA update says progress continues

by on18 September 2012

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First factory-made prototype close to reality

The latest information from the land of OUYA indicates that progress is still being made on a number of fronts. The biggest news is that OUYA is on track to deliver the Developer SDK in December as projected. OUYA has indicated that a large number of developers have contacted the company with games in all states of development and developers eager to produce games for the OUYA.

OUYA says that orders continue to tumble in each day from the OUYA.TV web site, which is encouraging as the audience for the console continues to grow even bigger. Speaking of the console, OUYA just recently returned from Taiwan and Hong Kong where they met with manufacturers and suppliers. A manufacturer has been chosen and finalization of the circuit-board layout and the colors, materials, and finish are proceeding.

Testing of the controller prototype continues, and based on feedback the precision D-Pad and four triggers will be part of the design. Of course, the O-U-Y-A button design inspired by feedback will make the cut. Testing each button, trigger, grip and stick continues and, of course, they are getting important feedback from developers, as well.

Kickstarters were informed that a survey will be arriving toward the end of this month that will allow players to choose and reserve their usernames, which can be up to 16 characters in length. Of course, these usernames will be first come, first served, so you might want to be thinking of them now.

Things look to be on track, and once the first factory prototype is manufactured we expect they will have a much better idea if things will continue to stay on track to make the timelines the company has set.

The best news is that interest remains high for the OUYA and even retailers are paying attention.

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