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Console release of Angry Birds will get DLC

by on29 August 2012

Two DLC packs already planned for release

Activision is looking to really cash in on their release of the Angry Birds Trilogy that the company is publishing for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS. Despite a price tag on the console releases that is making potential buyers roll their eyes, Activision is planning to release two additional DLC packs, as well.

While the 1080p re-mastered version of the game that will offer Kinect and Move support as well as 3D, the company isn’t saying what might be included in these three additional DLC packs. They will include 19 new levels, plus the 700 levels that came with the game. We suspect that the DLC will boost the level count, but it will not include Angry Birds in Space, according to our sources.

The pricing is a bit steep, with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions slated to go for $40, while the Nintendo 3DS version will come in at $30. As we said, not exactly cheap. Still, we expect it to be rather popular with those who want to play the game on their HDTVs at home.

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