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Crossbuy announced by Sony

by on15 August 2012

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Buy PS3 version and get Vita version free

Sony has confirmed their new Crossbuy initiative for the PlayStation Vita. To take advantage of Crossbuy, all you have to do is buy the PlayStation 3 version of a game that also has the same game on the PlayStation Vita and you get the Vita version for free.

So far, the only games that support Crossbuy are PlayStation All Stars, Sly Cooper, and Ratchel & Clank QForce. Sony is calling Crossbuy the first true cross-platform connection and Sony is promising to continue to invest heavily in this area in the future.

It seems that there are still some details to be worked out and the entire Crossbuy program left us scratching our heads. Still, it could be a good value for Vita owners, but not without a much larger expansion of the titles that are offered.

Also, it isn’t exactly clear to us if 3rd party developers will be able to take part in Crossbuy or not, but we suspect that they will be able to take advantage of this program if they want to.

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