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Rod Fergusson jumps ship

by on10 August 2012

From Epic to Irrational Games

Rod Fergusson, the executive producer for the Gears of War series, has confirmed his departure from Epic and he will be joining the team at Irrational Games. While the move was revealed on Twitter, the reaction has been one of shock.

Fergusson has been credited as one of the major forces behind the Gears of War series, and his departure comes as a surprise. as he has been with Epic for a long time. Fergusson’s jump to Irrational Games could be related to the number of key employees that left Irrational earlier this week.

When he starts at Irrational, he will be working BioShock: Infinite, which we assume will be in a producer role, but that has yet to be confirmed. Fergusson is a long time industry vet and while he did spend the last eight years at Epic working on Gears of War, he has had an interesting career, including starting his career at Microsoft working on Train Simulator.

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