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Apple files for gaming controller patent

by on27 July 2012


Also, the use of iPhone as universal remote

Apple strikes again, with a new patent filing that is for the use of the iPhone/iPod Touch as a gaming controller or universal remote. In addition, even more interesting is that Apple has also applied for a patent for a gaming controller device that would be used to interact with iOS devices and AppleTV.

The gaming controller from the pictures does seem to look a bit like the Sony Dual Shock, or at least that is what it reminds us of. The dual analog sticks and shoulder buttons are common these days for controllers, so it isn’t a surprise that Apple would choose a similar design.

The patent application to use the iPhone as a universal remote, however, is a bit more interesting news. It does lend credibility to the fact that Apple will add an infrared transmitter to the top of the next iPhone and iPod Touch (and likely to the next iPad, as well).

The transmitter would enable the devices to be used as a universal remote without having to connect an infrared transmitter to the docking connector or using one that is externally connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. If approved, this patent could potentially cause problems for others already using or planning to use the iPhone/iPod Touch in this manner.

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