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PS3 inventory levels too high

by on24 July 2012

ps3 slim

Sony to postpone Super Slim showing

Sources say that Sony is abandoning its plan to introduce and show off the new PlayStation 3 Super Slim or the PS3-4000 models at Gamescom. The problem reportedly is that current inventory levels of the PlayStation 3 are simply still too high for the introduction of the new Super Slim model, which would negatively impact sales of the older model units.

Sources do indicate that inventory that Sony has on hand, as well as inventory in the channel, are higher than expected. Sony had projected the actual numbers of units sold to be much higher, and actual inventory to be far tighter than it is which would have made the introduction of the new Super Slim model a logical move. Sony would also like to minimize the incentives (money) that it will have to pay retailers to help move the old units.

It the introduction of the PS3 Super Slim was not enough, the new 16GB flash drive model that is believed to be coming in at a lower cost will also be an issue. Sony apparently also believes (according to the whispers that we hear) that sales of the older low-end PS3 will be impacted by what is expected to be a lower-cost offering to compete with Microsoft’s low-end 4GB Xbox 360 offering.

Sources tell us that this will be the PS3 Super Slim with its top loading drive design; and its new 16GB model will be the last major over haul that we will see to the PlayStation 3 until perhaps long after Sony releases the PlayStation 4. All of the Super Slim PS3 16GB will be introduced at a new price point, but we also expect the 250GB and 500GB Super Slim models to also get a major price cut once they are released.

It is anyone’s guess how long it will take retailers and Sony to work through its inventory of the current generation of PlayStation 3 units, but Sony will not wait to wait too long, as it is important that Sony get the new Super Slim PS3 models released prior to the avalanche of titles that are being released during the holiday season. Sony is hopeful that the new price will attract buyers and, of course, that will also help software sales for the PS3 platform.

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