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F1 Racing Stars coming from Codemasters

by on16 July 2012

Attempting to get F1 to the young people

In a move that we don’t think anyone saw coming, racing developer Codemasters will step out from their serious racing side to release what can only be described as a family-oriented F1 racer that will be called F1 Racing Stars. The game will be developed in the Birmingham studio, which happens to be the same one that is responsible for the official marquee F1 title that the company produces.

From the video and screen shots that we have seen, the game looks like a cartoon-oriented game with what can be best described as “Mario Kart” style game play. The tracks are said to be takes on the real thing, with some liberties taken to make the game more interesting.

It will have four-player split screen support, as well as online support for 12 players. While Codemasters has not given an exact release date yet, they expect it to arrive in November, and it will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  There is no word if the studio might be planning a Wii or Wii U version, as well, but the news of a Nintendo release as well would not surprise us, as it seems a natural.

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