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Xbox 720 might cost as little as $100

by on02 July 2012


With a two-year commitment

Microsoft may come out at launch time and offer the lower-end Xbox 720 configuration for $100 with a two-year Xbox Live monthly commitment. Multiple sources are suggesting that the strategy could speed adoption of the platform and could help swing the balance of power in Microsoft’s favor right out of the gate.

Analysts that we spoke with claim that Microsoft has been tight lipped about exact numbers surrounding how successful the program has been with the current Xbox 360, but evidence that it is doing well is indicated by the expansion of the problem into other retailers.

While many are wondering if this could be the future of video game consoles, we don’t think so, but it is an interesting option that Microsoft is promoting. If the cost of the new console is expensive, then we would expect Microsoft to try this approach just because they already have experience in running such a program.

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