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Cold Stream for L4D2 finally for 360

by on02 July 2012


After a long wait it will show up in July

Are you a Left for Dead 2 player that has been waiting for the Cold Steam campaign to finally arrive for the Xbox 360 (since it has already been out on the PC for over a year)? Word is that Valve has finally got everything worked out so that the update will be coming to the Xbox 360 platform.

From what we have heard, if the date holds starting July 24th you will be able to get the Cold Steam campaign DLC for the Xbox 360. The Cold Steam campaign has been in beta test for PC and Mac users since March 2011.

To add to and sweeten the deal, Xbox 360 users will also get some new surprise updates that should make folks want to jump back into the game. Valve isn’t saying what the updates are, but we are told that in addition to the 360 version the PC and Mac version will also get them.

No release price has been yet to be confirmed.

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