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No Kinect support for GOW Justice

by on28 June 2012

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Bleszinski confirms this

In an interview with Games, Epic Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski confirms that the upcoming Gears of War: Justice will not be supporting Kinect. While CliffyB is a fan of the technology, he does not see it as a fit for Gears of War: Justice.

Bleszinski says that he also believes that the full potential of the device has yet to be realized. In addition, he wonders how the technology will work with “core” games.

Epic announced back in April of last year a project called Gears of War: Exile that was to be a shooter that supported and used the Kinect technology. While it has been rumored to have been canceled, its exact status remains a bit of a mystery for the time being, while the studio continues its focus on the title called Fortnite, best described as a scavenging adventure title.

Read the entire interview with Bleszinski here.

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