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Microsoft confirms SmartGlass support

by on11 June 2012


First-party title will include support for it

Microsoft has confirmed that going forward that the company is planning that all of its first-party titles will include Xbox 360 SmartGlass support. The title itself will depend on the features of SmartGlass that will be used, but the company is looking for immersion with the addition of SmartGlass support.

While the SmartGlass support is set to arrive in the fall, it is still a bit up in the air as to which titles will offer support for it. While some titles/applications will get updates that will add SmartGlass support, that will be the exception more than the rule. Currently, Microsoft has no count on how many SmartGlass-enabled titles will be released before the end of the year.

While the technology does look very interesting, analysts tell us (and we agree with their evaluation) that SmartGlass has a lot more questions than answers, and we still need to see it working and incorporated in more titles/applications before we can see if consumers respond to SmartGlass. Still, the end of the year is much close than one would think.

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