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Titles gone dark, now vaporware?

by on08 June 2012

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Surprisingly, no word on any of these at E3

Every year, E3 ends and we are forced to wonder about titles that were announced at previous shows and then were never seen again. With no additional update at this year’s show we have to wonder if these titles are now vaporware; or is it instead that development isn’t progressing as fast as the developers and the publisher would like, and they have nothing new to report?

We are not talking about the new title that remains unannounced from Bungie or the blurry picture title from Respawn Entertainment. These titles were real, existing titles that were announced and got some kind of showing, but now are shrouded in secrecy.

The one title that we expected Microsoft to talk about was Ryse, which was shown in 2010 at E3. The title is in development at Crytek Budapest. It was talked about under the codename Kingdoms before it got its official name of Ryse. We do know it was supposed to be a triple A Kinect title. With everything else that Crytek is working on, we are surprised that we have yet to see any kind of an update on this one. Still, our sources insist to us that development does continue on this project.

What about Thief 4? We expected to hear big things from Eidos Montreal that this title was in development, but once again we heard nothing at this year’s E3. While rumors continue to suggest that Eidos Montreal does have a strong interest in doing this title, the lack of an official announcement plus no additional information or mention of it makes us wonder. We hope that with the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution that Thief 4 can’t be far off, but no one seems to know. Word from our sources is that they have no idea whether or not any work has been started on this project.

Back at E3 in 2009 during the Sony press conference, Rockstar came in to announce a new exclusive for the PlayStation 3 that was to be called Agent. We were told that the game was in development at Rockstar North, but since then we have heard nothing more. While some unofficial chatter says that the title is still in development, we have to wonder if this one is nothing more than vaporware, or perhaps it has been bumped to be developed for the next generation platform. We will not hold our breath, since no matter whom you ask no one seems to know the status of Agent.

While there are others, such as Rainbow 6 Patriots, Prey 2, Brothers In Arms: Rise of Turbo Hitler, and, of course, Half-Life 3, you know as much as we do about these titles. When titles go silent in this manner some never return, but others make it out of the drawing board wilderness and actually get released, and there does not seem to be a formula as to why some make it and others do not. Only time will tell; but right now we have to stay focused on the games that have been announced.

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