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Nintendo fails to deliver at E3 press conference

by on07 June 2012

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Stock price falls and stockholders were not impressed

Nintendo continues to take significant flak over their E3 press conference. Analysts that we have spoken with confirm that Nintendo just didn’t deliver despite a strong opening with the announcement of Pikmin 3.

Stockholders must also be convinced that this is the case, as Nintendo’s stock fell 2.68 percent in Japan. While Nintendo showed an impressive list of partners, the fact that Activision is not one of them and only one game announced by Electronic Arts is being viewed by analysts that we spoke with as an indication both publishers are taking a wait and see approach to the console, as they just are not sure how well it is going to sell.

Our impression is that we are still left with more questions than answers, as we still don’t really know how powerful the console is and what it is going to cost. We have to agree with analysts that we spoke with that a lot will depend on the price that Nintendo can deliver the Wii U at; and right now, that still is a big unknown, with Nintendo saying that pricing will not be announced till later in the year near its release this holiday season.

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