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Joy Ride sequel will ditch Kinect

by on01 May 2012

A significant decision that should prove correct

As we told you about some time back, Microsoft Studios developer Big Park is going be bringing Joy Ride back. That alone really isn’t a big deal considering how the first Joy Ride was received, but the sequel will be an Xbox Live Arcade offering that will ditch the Kinect controls for a controller version, similar to what we saw when we originally previewed the game when it was first announced.

The sequel is to be called Joy Ride Turbo, and it will offer more of everything, from the first Joy Ride with 42 cars for your Avatar to drive on all new tracks that feature brand new modes of play. The game will offer Battle Race, Pro Race, and Time Trial modes for you and up to four friends to play locally; or you can expand your horizons and play with up to 8 players online.

Actually, we really liked Joy Ride when it was first announced and we thought it had significant potential, but playing it with Kinect was an experience that we would just as soon forget, as it was tiring and not much fun. Joy Ride Turbo, however, could capture what was good about the game when we first previewed it, and bringing the controller control back is the right decision if you ask us; but it’s too bad it will not be a free micro-transaction title as first announced. No release date was announced, but it is expected we will learn when Microsoft will be releasing it at E3 in June.

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