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More PS3 fixes coming for BF3

by on27 April 2012

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Will be included with Close Quarters DLC

PlayStation 3 owners will again get additional fixes targeted directly at the PS3 version of the Battlefield 3. These additional fixes will be a part of the upcoming Close Quarters DLC pack that is being released this June.

The two biggest issues for PS3 BF3 players are (1) input lag and (2) problems with the voice chat functionality. Admittedly, DICE found it difficult to deal with the input lag issue, but the problem has received significant attention and players will feel a difference.

As for the voice chat functionality problems, DICE has been attempting to deal with this issue for some time. The thing is that it is not actually a DICE issue; it is an issue between the built-in systems and DICE’s system. It is hard to make this a priority over everything else because it would then impact the rest of the game, but DICE believes the latest solution should show significant improvement over previous attempts to address the issue.

Close Quarters is targeted for a June release, with PlayStation 3 players getting it a week earlier than Xbox 360 and PC players. No exact release date has been announced, but word should come at some point in May when we can expect it.

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